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what is jetviewer
Burr IST
JetViewer was inspired by research conducted by Burr IST in 2001. Alan Hickman, MD of Burr IST explains: “We knew from experience that Blue Chip companies were investing a lot of money and effort in large scale software solutions but often they were never fully used. We wanted to know why."
The analysis found that almost all executives were using only a fraction of the many features offered by their software, and almost all of them were using a common set of features. Not surprisingly, the features that customers found the easiest to use and gave the most benefit were the most popular.
But the big surprise was more fundamental – often when executives were shown data that was being stored in their existing systems they were amazed – they had never seen this information before. Their data systems, despite containing data on every aspect of their company, had never shown them how their business was really performing.
“Getting at existing data so an executive can see it as meaningful information seemed to be where the real benefits were to be found” explains Alan, “Clearly there was great value in seeing data presented in a simple and meaningful way. Also, there seemed to be a need for a tool which had all the popular features that our clients wanted, but was simple to use so that executives could get at their information quickly. That's what inspired us to develop JetViewer”
JetViewer offers executives a simple, accessible way of getting at their company's data and presenting the information in a meaningful way. JetViewer doesn’t run your company for you. JetViewer doesn’t make executive decisions. JetViewer presents you with the facts, plain and simple. JetViewer is designed to give executives accurate and valuable data about their company so that they can make the decisions.
“We find that executives have a feeling for how their business is performing all the time, but they need to check if the facts match that perception. JetViewer is the tool that lets them do this, they can then present that information in a meaningful way using JetViewer reports, which can be directly copied and pasted into a Word document or presentation etc. if they wish.”
Since creating JetViewer, Burr IST are constantly refining and improving it based on customer experiences. Recently the application switched to a web-based format allowing customers to access the system from any PC connected to the internet.
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"JetViewer puts all our product and process information at our fingertips allowing us to give accurate, real time responses to our customers and sales force enquiries”
Julio Faria, Managing Director, Surface Transforms Plc
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