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What is JetViewer?
JetViewer is a web based application which interprets the data in your systems and presents it in a simple and meaningful way. It is designed to allow executives to access their organisation's information quickly and simply in order to help them make better decisions. More...
Is JetViewer simple to use?
We've designed JetViewer to be simple and accessible for everyone to use. If you are often searching using the same fields, e.g. postcode or customer ID, there's our Quick Search function. For more complex requirements, JetViewer uses automatically populated drop down menus and relationships to allow the user to build complex queries and reports without having to understand the underlying technology. JetViewer interprets the data in your systems into something simple and meaningful to help you make the best decisions for your organisation.
Do I have to change my existing systems?
No, JetViewer plugs into your existing systems with no need for any changes. JetViewer accesses your information read only so there is no risk of it interfering with other applications or data.
Do we need to install JetViewer on all our computers?
JetViewer only needs to be installed on your server and then it can be accessed by a browser; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc. Of course, the system will only be accessible by those with the necessary permissions.
Any other Questions?
If your question isn't answered here please contact us
Is JetViewer Data Mining Software?
No, data mining can be defined as: "the nontrivial extraction of implicit, previously unknown, and potentially useful information from data", i.e. typically an offline research activity used to identify hidden patterns and trends from vast quantities of data. JetViewer doesn't try to find trends for you, it presents you with the facts, plain and simple, so you can make informed decisions quickly.
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"JetViewer is much more than a report writing product it's a portal onto your whole business"
Doug Henry, Managing Director, Acrison International

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