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JetViewer lets people really use the information in their IT systems. JetViewer adds value to your existing systems, letting you access all your information in one simple, joined up, view, from wherever you are.
JetViewer, the unique, demand driven, web based, data browser and reporting tool, adapts to existing data systems to give a complete, joined up, view of all your organisation's information. More...
JetViewer is a web based system that connects to data sources within an organisation and presents the information in a single, simple user interface that allows users to query and report online. It is designed for non IT users to access exactly the information they need.
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"Faster, Better and Cheaper - I normally say choose two and get back to me, but in this case JetViewer delivered on all fronts"
Steve Edwards, Head of IT Development Services, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust
"I brought in Burr IST due to their reputation for innovation and solutions that work, when I saw JetViewer in action I knew it was the right decision.”
David Williams, Operations Manager, Jordan Grand Prix

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